In memory of:

R.I.P. Stickan
26/12-1997 - 10/9-2012


Our friend Stickan, S*Chandinis Summersnow in Lilac has left us. We miss you!

R.I.P Medea
12/12-2009 - 3/8-2012


CH S*Chamytas Medea has left us after a very short time of illness. We're still in chock. Our beautiful and kind friend. We miss you so much.


R.I.P Tingeling

S*Chamytas Angel Cheeks, "Tingeling", was put to sleep after a time of illness. She became 11½ year.

Tingeling tar en morgonpromenad

Lilla Mimmi

R.I.P Mimmi

S*Tammee's One and Only.
Mimmi was put to sleep after a time of illness. She became 12 year.

Lilla Mimmi

R.I.P. Knutte 16/7-1996 - 22/12-2010.


R.I.P. Our beloved Nemi
CH S*Decia's Something Special JW
16/4-2003 - 31/5-2010


Bilden är tagen av Torbjörn Gulz


Nemi, we miss you so much......


Our beautiful and so gentle: S*Decias High Priestess OSH n24 and the coolest male we've ever had:
CH S*Chamytas Hannibal Heyes
SIA c21


Liston, our lovley New Foundland dog. He smelled like a dishcloth all of the time and had a big drivel problem....but we loved him and he loved everebody. We miss him so much!
Maja Gräddnos, a shy cat with a big heart. She carried home big fieldmise to the siameses who was astonished!!


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